Basilica of St. Mark in Venice

It is more than hard to choose only one attraction in Venice that is mostly worth visiting in case of having only few hours for a trip. But for sure one of them is Basilica of St. Mark that was built in the 9th century for the burial of the relics of St. Mark that became the saint patron of the city.

The interior of the basilica is quite outstanding and very well preserved. There are rows of marble columns with glided heads. The lower parts of the walls and pillars are covered by the marble slabs. Above them and on the floor, domes and vaults there are gold mosaics. Most of them are from the 12th- 15th centuries. They cover about 4000 square meters of the basilica. Behind the main altar there is a very precious monument of Byznatine art- the Golden Altar. The Basilic is located on St. Mark’s square which is a very good starting point for visiting other historical monuments.

Beside huge amount of worth- seeing places, city is very good prepared for turists. It is quite easy to find hostels in venice even if the city can be very overcrowded during the year.The quality of accomodation depends on how much money we are able to spend for a sleeping place.

Although the old town of Venice is not very big, the architecture and unusual location gave the city a position on UNESCO list. It attracts many people from around the world to come to Italy and have a chance to admire precious figments of art.

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