Popular monuments in Salzburg

One of the most visited cities is Salzburg. Every year, many people decide to come to this city because we can find there many interesting places. So what sights should we visit in Salzburg?

Salzburg is primarily a city which, as one of the few in Europe, has eden of the oldest Benedictine orders in the German-speaking Europe. It is the Monastery of Sts. Peter, which was founded in 696 by St. Rupert. In the city we can also find a beautiful, historic center. The historic city of Salzburg, which had a high historical value, was entered in 1996 as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

In the town in north-western Austria we can also find many churches. There are, among others, the Franciscan Church and the University Church. As well as the large Cathedral. Also many tourists visit the Hohensalzburg Fortress. The fortress is located on a high hill above the old town. Salzburg is also the birthplace of Mozart. On the main Getreidegasse street, which is located in the historic center of the city, we can find the birthplace of Mozart. Also on the Makartplatz there is a second Mozart family apartment. It is also readily visited by tourists.

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